florale drape dress


Σε απόθεμα

florale drape dress slim fit with slit on the leg

back less dress with strap binding on the back

a florale drape dress that is suitable to wear both in winter or summer time

Try bold florale in obscure dark colors of burgundy, aubergine, purple and black of course.
Also labored-hefty fabrics like velvet and lace
if though your design taste is not that of the too dark, too obscure then you can turn your attention your eye sight
towards the pale pink therefore you can choose acute and intense florale
and bouquets with bold graphics and patterns again in pale pink

florale accessories a must for this period dear readers

Choose ankle boots with a florale pattern either shorter or higher.
Don't be afraid to combine them with pants, skirts, long skirts, midi skirts
and if you have shapely figure and very thin legs why not with mini dresses.
If you want to become eccentric then set a pair of tights made of lace, mesh, even florale with your skirt or dress
even if a total florale look seems risky and daring, it is not.

This period of time is a must!!! your half coat jacket which can be velvet or even leather embroidered with flowers

it can have lace details which are shaped like flowers on the inside you can choose a florale top

or a florale shirt and continue with a florale skirt or even pants and the extravagance we will love

florale accessories girls whether boots, heels purses, bags even jewelry

The fashion trend for this period of time

The trend for this winter is florale and why not a floral drape dress.
Another new dress which is very much in fashion and suits most women is the round neck with long sleeve and midi and full florale
With colourfull Intense bouquets of bold flowers, it stands out in fabrics made of obscure colors such as velvet, wool, knitted jersey

so don't be afraid closed dress, long sleeve and midi with a gorgeous floral hot heel if you want or floral high sock boot and why not floral sandals.

florale drape dress

comfortably worn and suitbale to your brother's wedding.

you can wear any color you want and you adore.

Except of course the white which reasonably belongs to the bride.

The groom's sister at the wedding has a special place.

Maybe we would not choose beige since we have agreed that it will not be in the bride's choices because it is a blur,

dull color and does not give the glamor and intensity we want to the groom's sister. If you want to move towards these shades

then you can select a champagne, bronze, metallic intense gray and why not shades of ocher and/or ceramic with metallic textures.

Island wedding sister of the groom in florale drape dress

When you are going to attend an island wedding, especially when you are the groom's sister in the wedding then you must avoid heels.

Generally, on islands and cobbled paths and chapels, wearing thin high heels at any height is a bit out of place and time.

If you want to add a little height to your look, choose the new type of espadrilles which are also embroidered with gems, with beads,

with golden threads and maybe lace appliqué or else new type and modern platforms.

florale drape dress

it can be worn comfortably even by the godmother

aqua colors

For an elegant aqua godmother look, choose all shades of aqua in a florale drape dress

It is perfect to set the aqua with pastel shades.

That is, a light blue, blue of the sea color - aqua suit with a pink silk shirt or even violet so we give a modern,

fresh and modern take on the classic blue suit we know.

What we want to create is a sense and sense of color blocking.

Florale dress fashion is timeless. Whether it's a long, midi or short fitted dress.

Florale dresses will always be part of our casual or more formal wear.