Elastic Satin dress


elastic satin dress with a subtle slit strapless dress croise dress that leaves a nice opening on the leg with a front slit

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Elastic Satin dress

strapless dress, croise dress that leaves a front slit and unveils partly the leg Satin burgundy as pictured but also available in other colors.

evening dress with subtle discreet slit

Elastic satin dress with discreet slit - Evening dress with discreet slit you can choose a simple sleeveless dress with straight neckline and long sleeve.

trois carre sleeve and a backless Dress Anything that suits your upper body.

And below choose a Pencil mood at the bottom of your dress with a nice deep slit till up the thigh or wherever it suits you and wherever you feel comfortable.

how should you combine it

I definitely want black thin tights and not so meshy And think that a midi mood It can be Ultra evening of course you can set it with heeled sandals with Mary Jane's with barrette in front and of course with anything that goes on your leg and is elegant and evening wear

Stretch Satin Dress - Evening dress with a slit it would be a very nice idea to choose a floor length maxi dress which has a straight line on your body.

Of course, it will be very nice if it has scales in the middle so that we can see and have a very nice feeling of an hourglass or a water clock if you can bring in your mind the shape

It might be closed with long sleeves and an open back according your preferences

It can be more free , more open with a thin spaghetti strap or croix in the front.

in that case the skirt should not have no slit, no opening

You will also wear high heels and it will have a very very nice and sharp slit in the back of the dress.

this design gives the impression of an upright post to the feminine silhouette It gives height and it makes her thin as much as it should. Those characteristic details take her near to the Goddess.
Another nice idea for the Elastic satin dress with slit - evening dress with subtle slit is the classic Robe chemisier.
you read correct : but in satin matierre

To be more formal and in a deep color like Cypress color or burgundy or blue nuit or even black.

We would ideally like a nice cinched waist with a really nice belt and a deep side slit.

For those of you who don't want to dare to unveil your leg , we have the solution for you :

choose a demi opaque panty hose / tights in the same color of the shoe.
i.e. if you choose a Cypress dark color or even red, wear a burgundy panty hose in combination with a burgundy shoe, either a boot, a boot or a heel.


Usually your favorite combination choice with burgundy is a black and it's not wrong it's just a bit boring.

If you want to excel stylistically why not try light blue the color of the sea, the color of natural cereamics / tile, petrol, green and of course white and beige.

This period of time I have told you before, that white accessories are the big trend and a big fashion. Why not to combine them with your burgundy clothes? For those of you who want to dare and give a different personal stylistic signal , dare to wear your burgundy dress with all white ankle boots

those are for spring / summer season
because during the autumn / winter season

the stretch satin dress with subtle slit - evening dress with discreet slit you should make sure to find a proper and very impressive coat.
Of course the black coat, the black fur is acceptable and very nice and useful for your wardrobe as well.

however suitable also for the night when you decide to wear it to go out.
But think about the light coloured coats like gris argent , gray i.e. silver gray off white with a bit of gray or even beige in it.

Let's say it has silver threads, it's tweed, it has beige silver or off-white threads.

They are smart design solutions that give color, light and shine to a black or slightly dark evening dress.

To be stylish and elegant with opaque tights in the evening, you should also choose the right color for this time.

i.e. choose darker colors, dark blue, purple, red, metallic silver / gold, and of course the classic and beloved black.

All the other colors are morning and cannot stand in an evening look with opaque tights

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