Mini elastic dress with open back with tie


Short sleeve elastic mini dress and open back with tie


Σε απόθεμα

Short sleeve elastic mini dress and open back with tie

suitable for morning, afternoon and more relaxed informal evening outings

For a seductive look in earth tones choose a leather trench coat up to the middle of the calf, leather is very pleasant to wear in the spring and choose it because it is elegant and keeps the chill away, which during the spring there is especially on spring evenings.

Leather in earth tones / shades

In addition, if you focus on the skin in earthy shades such as brown, it will be very lush, sexy and at the same time very, very elegant. make your selection with a high-waisted midi or mini chocolate skirt depending on your leg and appetite. Preferably mid-calf.

Combine it with a high heel beige nude or brown heels of the same color. or with a pair of high heels brown, beige sandals.
On top, choose a subtle beige or camel in its lighter rib turtleneck version. Very thin sweater
with or without shoulder depending on how you wish to shape your bust.
On top, put on a leather trench coat in a straight chocolate pattern, i.e. in the same color as the skirt you have chosen.

make your selection for the combinations of the elastic mini dress with tie and the short sleeves

From the inside, put on a sleeveless spring knit in dusty pink, high-waisted mini chocolate skirt, or if your calf doesn't allow it, choose a midi or mid-calf skirt.
A brown croco bag in a very special shape Which you can hold it Pleasantly not only even in the morning But until the evening. stands beautifully it has a special bone braceand a chain type support.

High-heeled sandals with thick heel and Not too high to endure walking All day in comfort. Preferably the shoe should be brown with very nice elegant straps. Gold jewelry, high, thin or bracelets with earrings a wonderful color choice. To be seductive with dusty - terra tones one unique and succesfull color is Ekai.
It is a color of orange type of soil, neither too brown nor too orange, so choose a very nice cross Ekai wide suit with high-waisted trousers and if it is done with a men's pleat underneath instead of choosing simple heels which go amazingly you could choose high ankle boots with a pointed tip at the base.

Of course the inner from suit layer could put a turtleneck or a shirt with a nice ribbon or a nice simple beige t-shirt or beige nude. Of course a nice beige,off white coat, always saves the day. Choose black spiky sharp accessories in the bag to match your black ankle, the jewelry can be either silver or gold according your personal preferences

Alternatively for the Dress mini elastic short sleeve and open back with tie

For an Ultra sexy look in earth tones, I have a very simple solution for you. wearing a mini dress from morning until afternoon. Alternatively, choose a wonderful rib dress with a very nice smiley edge at the top with a nice long sleeve and length just above the knee this new mini that we like very much.

The color can be beige camel or ice white. combine it with your favorite jacket a little more oversized with more accentuated shoulders and a very nice length that is just below the hip.

Care of our clothes

We learn to properly maintain our clothes and this means with clothes such as trench coats, coats and knitwear, whether it is spring or winter, maintain your clothes properly. They should smell nice, be soft and avoid having knots on them, especially the ribs and wool.
So they will always look new if you have bought a nice camel coat, a classic camel coat, maintain it properly and wear it from the inside with a camel wrap dress to the middle of the calf, the waist is very nice for a seductive look in earthy shades for all in the seasons of both Winter and Spring-Autumn.