multi-color evening dress


It can be A-line, wrap, backless or criss-cross, a special ‘évasé’ dress, as it may get transformed depending on how you choose to tie the belt on its back and adapt it to any occasion Change your style in one fell swoop and adapt it to any occasion. A dress with a particular character.

Charming, sensual and airy, it is available in four color shades (white, red/coral, electric blue and pink) to choose the one that best suits your personality, the style of the event you will be attending, but also the mood of each occasion!


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multi-color evening dress

A long dress in chiffon crepe fabric multi-color Ιn different color combinations

its design has a feminine V neckline and a versatile back

Empire or crotchet , backless or crisscross back, a dress with an evaze line that
transforms depending on how you choose to tie the ribbon belt change with a unique
action your styling, your design and adapt the evening dress according the situation that you have to be present a particular evening dress with a
changeable character
Charming, sensual and airy - aethereal , in four five colors (White, off white / beige / nude, Red/Coral, Blue)
blue electric, pink to choose the best choice that suits your personality
but also according the situation and the event that you are going to be present

it gives the ability for different bind

So the same dress can change its design depending on the way you tie the back of the dress

It can be crossed, with full off -the- shoulders, back, with V-shaped back, more closed or more open depending on the occasion

You can find it in four / five basic colors. White (for a civil / town hall marriage, tor a wedding on an island ), red/coral, electric blue, pink

This particular type of evening dress is for informal, relaxed evening night out

Evening dresses for formal appearances The evening dress with many variations. The choice of this particular evening dress goes under a basic condition : that will highlight the affordable luxury and elegance of every woman

Evening dresses can be in classic line or be minimal.

Modern and fashionable woman can support the style and line that flatters her bodytype

In our collection you will find evening dresses with touches of sensuality and seduction. An abundance of options in evening dresses and ensembles suitable for each of you. Minimal, modern lines that ensure your impressive appearance.

A subtly bold dress, it creates an atmosphere of mystery and elegance around the woman who wears it. Playing with quality fabrics and a rich color palette adds the element of luxury. Thus we ensure an impressive appearance in every social occasion.

Evening Formal dresses are available in many different lines. A-line or mermaid, ball-gown or more airy, minimal or more strict... all can support the requirements of each look

Luxurious fabrics, handmade designs with embroidery, precious ornaments that adorn each of our creations, as well as a rich palette of colors are at your disposal.

Choices in lines that vary by design, occasion and style. Our creations are based exclusively on the personality, character, age and body of each woman with the aim of highlighting a tasteful appearance.

multi-color evening dress
Ideal for the maid of honor for a wedding on a magnificent island

When we choose and want to have references in our clothing that remind us of air, then it would be good to choose the right textures and fabrics don't hesitate to make a smart layering from tulle, from chiffon, from muslin even from gauze, of course when we mean wind, we mean fabrics that move with the wind, that are far, maxi they have a great and;sexy, fine , subtle and delicate mood, and we definitely wear them on summer evenings when we go out to the islands.

multi-color evening dress
Suitable for the graduation ceremony and reception

When it comes to an official graduation event from school that is at the age of around 17-18 or even more when it comes to graduation from University or other higher or higher education, it would be good to put jeans and undershirt

So try to be with a more formal look that doesn't necessarily refer to black tie, that is, you don't need to wear something long, you can choose a very nice pair of trousers, a jacket on top with a white shirt, a coctail dress anything that makes you look beautiful chic but above all comfortable

How to choose a mutli-color / colorful evening dress? :

Depending on the situation :
For a wedding or baptism : follow ideas in textures and colors that offer a feeling
of luxury and elevate your look with impressive jewelry details
and the accessories Prefer white only if it is a civil wedding and you are the
For a night out: Prefer dresses with particularities and stylish touches. Mini, Midi,
fitted, strapless, with metallic details, with impressive corsages Combine them
with particular jewels maintaining the right balance If the night out is about a
party following a wedding or engagement event , an awards ceremony, a corporate party
dinner sophisticated , subtle evening gowns are required Prefer luxurious fabrics
and seductive lines like long chic dresses with side slits or
short mini dresses with subtle embroideries and details