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Other various materials for evening dresses

Some of the most well known materials are cotton, silk, nylon, rayon, polyester to name just a few.
the different finishing procedure changes the feel of each fabric. Therefore we separate the fabrics with different terms like chiffon, taffeta, satin and other textiles

It is important to know the difference between the raw materials, the finishing treatment or procedure and the yarns used to make the fabrics. Those alterations determine to a significant extent how the garment moves and clings the body. Of course, the ideal pattern adapts to the natural line of the body, flattering the movement.

Most people are more familiar with the fabric than the finish but only the experience of a skilled Fashion Stylist can help you lift any look. Ms. Sabrina Tsourani has edited the appearances of famous ladies in the most important moments of their lives. Close your appointment at Atelier Tsourani and find the ideal every day ensemble for you!

Georgette Every day dresses

Georgette φορέματα

Georgette fabric is quite similar to chiffon in its drappe shape and feel. It is slightly heavier and less thin and transparent than chiffon.

Georgette is also ideal for outdoor spaces and events during the day for lunchtime weddings as its lightness calms the girls who will choose to wear it for a special look.

Voile every day dresses

dresses with Voile textile

The voile has the characteristics of chiffon in drape “falling”. It has a sophisticated sheen and is slightly heavier than chiffon. It is usually found in cotton or cotton blends, resulting in a light, breathable fabric. It tends to give a tone of brightness it is also thin implying an impression of a slight transparency. It gives the feeling of having more structure than chiffon. This makes it good for A-line skirts. It is ideal for outdoor events for lunchtime weddings and can look a little more casual than other fabrics.

Cady every day dresses

Cady every day dresses

Cady has a good ratio of structure and stretch fabric. More often we find it in cotton. This finish keeps it in good shape and becomes very soft if given a touch of stretch. It shows minimal highlights almost to the point of being matte. It is ideal for outdoor events for lunchtime weddings and can look a little more casual than other fabrics.

Jersey every day dresses

Jersey every day dresses

The jersey is Stretch fabric with a lot of drape. Jersey fabrics are most commonly found in casual wear such as T-shirts, but occasionally can be seen in bridesmaid dresses. They have a matte finish and a very smooth feel and movement. Very good for casual weddings and perfect for outdoors.