Strapless mini dress fitted


Strapless mini dress fitted with great fit flattering the body In various colours It is a dress for all hours

with great fit flattering the body In various colours It is a mini dress for Every hour during the 24 hours of a day
For a casual, not formal evening look, our suggestion is this fitted strapless mini dress.
It is a young, modern and cool option.
The fitted mini strapless dress is just as comfortable and easy to be wear in the morning as well as in the afternoon – especially in the evening

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Strapless mini dress fitted

dressmini Strapless dress in mini tight style with great fit Available in various colors and fabrics.

Also known as a 'tube dress' or 'bandeau dress' in a short version – with references to '00s fashion, it is a modern, cool and irresistible option for the ultimate bodycon look that highlights your shoulders, cleavage and curves. Especially during summer, this mini bodycon dress is a must-have dress trend, and can be easily worn from morning to night, whether in the city or on the island, by both young girls and elegant older women. After all, the short length of a sleeveless, or long-sleeved dress is no longer considered provocative or ‘too sexy’ for ladies over 40, as long as it is well-tailored, stylish and properly combined with modern or more classic accessories.

On what occasions to choose to wear a strapless mini dress

Christening ceremony in the city or on the island:

Are you invited to a christening? A mini dress in a loose fit is always a safe and comfortable choice, especially during the warmer months (during the seasons of Spring Summer and occasionaly during the autumn)

Opt for light tones, floral patterns, or an impressive evening dress in pastel shades, such as pink, light blue, salmon or violet. For more playful looks, color blocking is also a nice option, combining the dress with a jacket/cardigan/overcoat, shoes, a bag and other accessories in bright colors

On the other hand, don't be afraid of choosing a white mini dress as an option for a baby's christening. Although at weddings it is rightfully the exclusive prerogative of the bride, at christenings it is considered a pure color, perfectly suited to the sweet mystery of a newborn baby. . A total white look will highlight your tan, unless you turn to the equally timeless options from the range of earthy shades: from off-white and beige or cream, to ochre, copper or even terracotta. These colors are also suitable for ‘ton sur ton’ layering

If you feel like adding a sparkling touch to your look, then choose silk fabrics with an iridescent texture, either in bronze gold or metallic argent, and make sure your jewelry is rather understated and less fancy, such as a chic thin – gold or silver - neck chain

For a christening, put aside the classic little black dress and show your imagination by choosing other colors. And, of course, an alpha line mini dress goes equally well with high heels, low kitten heels, platforms, as well as with flat shoes, sandals or ballerinas. A statement necklace or a pair of impressive long earrings with colored stones will be another reason to attract attention.

Casual or formal night out

Is it time for your best friend's bachelorette or pre-wedding party, are you getting ready for a night out and drinks with your girlfriends, which will end up in a club for dancing, or are you planning a festive night at home? A slim-line strapless mini dress is the effortlessly cool and playful option and the right opportunity to "show" some skin: it suits most occasions and the matching coat with the right shoes and accessories will transform your look.

For more relaxed outfits, combine the tube mini dress with sandals in the summer, ballet flats or sneakers in the fall and spring, while a pair of trendy ankle boots will make you feel a little more rock in the winter. In the evening, get some extra style points by wearing a pair of high-heeled strapped sandals. In the evening, get some extra style points by wearing a pair of high-heeled strapped sandals. Dare to play with the colors in both the bag and the jewelry you choose to complete your look.

Depending on the season and the mood, set the bodycon mini dress with an oversized bomber jacket, a men's jacket or a light cardigan, gracefully balancing between sexy and sophisticated mood.