Evening dress Neck binding / off -the-shoulders


Night Dress
combined with off -the- shoulders design

win With a strapless corset with a special cut that flatters the bust. Its drape line that ends in an opening embraces and highlights – shows off the silhouette Ideal choice for formal appearances but also for your evening outings. A dress that exudes luxury and sensual elegance.

In Burgundy color like the one shown, but also in colors like white, ivory (off white), electric blue and others.

In chiffon-crepe type fabric (Polyester – Elastane)

Evening dress Neck binding

For most women the king of the wardrobe is the evening dress. Since it can give to the woman that wears it elegance, femininity and unique style.

Available in many lines/ styles, textures, fabric quality, designs and colors that make your choice unique A key criterion for the choice of the perfect evening dress should be a perfectly matching according your body type, style and personality. Follow the dress code of the event you will be attending

In our collection you will find evening dresses with touches of sensuality and aesthetic elegance Luxurious fabrics, hand-made designs with embroidery and precious stones, different lines and a rich palette of colors become our weapons to highlight your elegance and refinement for an impressive and tasteful look

Evening dress Neck binding, off -the- shoulders

Make an impression in this stunning evening dress with a tie neck  crepe chiffon type of fabric.

With an elegant neckline, an off-the-shoulder opening and a figure-flattering line, this evening dress will show off your glamour, elegance and femininity to impress.

In three colors (burgundy, white, electric blue) and chiffon crepe fabric that gives an airy - aethereal grace to your every single motion Ideal for any occasion no matter how demanding

In chiffon-crepe type fabric (Polyester - Elastane)

How to choose an evening dress with a tie at the neck :

According / depending on the body type :

Hourglass body type: Any pleated, ruffled, alpha line dress suits this body type Fitted strapless and mermaid dresses are particularly flattering for this body type, while very wide and balloon lines should be avoided.

Pear Body Shape: Choose dresses that accentuate the upper body With a cropped bodice or with the shoulders out and in a "blunty" alpha line Dark shades as well as vertical stripes are particularly flattering for this body type while large patterns should be avoided

Apple body type: Prefer dresses with an empire line that narrows just below the bust and widens again at the bottom, as well as dresses with a strong neckline It is best to avoid very short dresses with bold patterns

Bodycon: Choose a dress that creates curves, such as dresses with open necklines, flared sleeves or cruisies


  • What color evening dress with tie neck should I choose?

Each color affects our mood and reveals part of our character The colors we choose to wear reveal a lot about ourselves Choose the color that matches your skin but above all your personality.

Black: Intense, elegant and mysterious, black is the color that in an evening dress will highlight your dynamism and strong character.

White: The color of purity, honesty / sincerety That is why it is the dominant color in wedding dresses A white evening dress gives classiness to your look

Red: Vibrant, intense, provocative, impressive, an evening dress in red will draw all eyes on you

Green: Symbolizes joy, optimism and harmony but also prestige and power. A green evening dress is particularly striking and adds sparkle

Salmon -nude- pink colors suggestive of childhood and tenderness An evening dress in these colors highlights femininity

Blue: A clean, harmonious color A blue evening dress lends class and calm dynamism

Orange: Warm, vibrant, energetic color Opt for an orange evening dress for a standout and sophisticated look

Purple: The color of perfection Make a different evening look by choosing a stunning purple dress

evening dress neck binding , with off-the-shoulders design Depending on the situation :

For a wedding or baptism : Invest in textures and colors that offer a sense of luxury and elevate your look with impressive details in jewelry and accessories . Prefer white only if it is a civil wedding in the town hall and you are the bride

For a night out: Prefer dresses with particularities and stylish touches. Short, fitted, strapless, with metallic details, with impressive corsages. Combine them with special jewelry keeping the right balance. Whether the night out is a wedding or engagement after party, an awards ceremony, a corporate dinner, sophisticated evening dresses are required. Opt for luxurious fabrics and seductive lines such as long chic dresses with side slits or short dresses with subtle embroidery and details

For graduation : The graduation ceremony is a particularly important moment for the graduates and their families. For such a moment, put aside your favorite jeans and prefer a comfortable and bright cocktail dress or a youthful dress with an airy texture in soft colors