A stylish open-back jumpsuit off shoulders style


A stylish open-back jumpsuit with deep V-neck off shoulders style A fancy fabric in the shade of charcoal blue that highlights the silhouette

A stylish open-back jumpsuit with deep V-neck. A fancy fabric in the shade of charcoal blue that highlights the silhouette wide pants style croise corsage decorated with elaborate chain straps.

in a particular design with drape waist that highlights and flatters the silhouette

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A stylish open-back jumpsuit off shoulders style

A stylish open-back jumpsuit with deep V-neck. A fancy fabric in the shade of charcoal blue that highlights the silhouette It is decorated with elaborate chain straps.

The jumpsuit has become an integral part of our wardrobe for many reasons. You can find it in different variations, depending on your personal style: wide, narrow and sexier, cropped, wider in the legs like wide pants. Whatever you choose, this outfit will emphasize your femininity and body confidence.

Backless jumpsuit: the ultimate spring and summerlook

Are you packing for a short getaway to the countryside or an island week-end vacation? Do not forget to take with you a one-piece suit in cotton or other cool fabric. It is now an integral part of our wardrobe, a safe, classic and always timeless choice that you will enjoy equally at all times, from the morning walk in the mountains (on foot or by bike) to the evening strolls in the village alleys, as it also matches almost all shoe styles (sneakers, hiking boots, flat or platform sandals, or even espadrilles).

You can wear, for example, a khaki militaire jumpsuit with a white tank top inside, a knit (cotton or fine wool) cardigan tied at the waist, and a brown or colored belt, and you're ready for the countryside. On the hottest summer nights, you can wear it plain, with a scarf or a shawl, combined with a pair of sandals and subtle jewelry.

A must-have piece for all seasons

If you have a plain monochrome jumpsuit with straps and it seems inappropriate for another season, with the right styling you can easily wear it in the fall, as well You can twin it with a simple plain tank top, a long-sleeved one or a classy white shirt, put a men's black or brown belt around the waist and match it with your favorite pair of sneakers. On colder days or nights, do not forget your denim jacket, a light leather coat, an oversized jacket, an overshirt or a trench coat.

It is equally suitable for a night out in the city, such as a relaxed Sunday lunch with friends, a children's party, or for a drink in a bar, as long as you always have in mind to combine it with the right accessories.

Other tipsfor the best accessories to match a backless jumpsuit and fit every occasion

The right styling and the appropriate accessories always make the difference, transforming your outfit and image depending on the occasion.

For morning outfits, you can combine a jumpsuit with sneakers, flat sandals, an oversized casual leather bag or a small backpack. For a night out, a tight or looser jumpsuit, with or without lace details, can be well matched with a thin leather or metallic belt, a pair of high-heeled sandals in a bright color and an impressive clutch. Do not have any second thoughts, if you decide to choose this feminine or even seductive look, when getting ready for clubbing and dancing!


Wearing a nice jumpsuit at the graduation ceremony

The beautiful moment arrives when we graduate from school and a few years later from University or College. What does a tasteful girl wear at this happy event, wishing to combine comfort, with youthful freshness and formality, in the presence of teachers, classmates, fellow students and her beloved friends and relatives? As her favorite t-shirts, pair of jeans and trainers should not be an option on that special day, she can choose a backless, long or short-sleeved jumpsuit in a pastel color to highlight her girly mood.

Bring some extra drama to your evening look and wear an open-back jumpsuit as a wedding guest

When you are invited to an evening wedding, then it is time to choose a stylish look that will make you feel beautiful and well-dressed.

Luxurious fabrics, shiny textures, golden threads, lace appliqués, feathers, subtle embroideries, pearls, sequins and other metallic details – depending on your body type, skin color and stylistic personality – are perfectly suited to this special social occasion.

Do keep in mind that you are not expected to wear a maxi off-the-shoulder or long-sleeved dress. A well-tailored or figure-hugging jumpsuit is a rather remarkable choice and with the right shoes and accessories it suits any kind of wedding venue, from an exquisite hotel ballroom, to an island beach bar.